• Budget & Credit Counseling (Pre-Filing)

    Our interactive online program and live consultation fills the requirement for pre-filing Credit Counseling

  • Debtor Education (Pre-Discharge)

    Learn to avoid the financial pitfalls that led to bankruptcy to fulfill the pre-discharge course requirement



1 $ Wiser Consumer Education, Inc. is a national non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization empowering individuals to take positive control of their personal finances and learn fiscal responsibility through consumer protection and credit education and counseling. 

Budget & Credit Counseling

1st Program (Pre-Filing Requirement)

$29.99 / Person

  • Department of Justice Approved 1st Program
  • Easy and Non-intimidating!
  • 1-800-496-2440 x 1

Debtor Education

2nd Course (Post Filing Pre-Discharge Course Requirement)

$39.99 / Person *

  • *Includes Court Filing of Certificate of Completion
  • Learn to Avoid Future Financial Problems
  • 1-800-496-2440 x 2


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