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1 $ Wiser Consumer Education, Inc.
Personal Financial Management Instruction
(aka Debtor Education)
Pre-Discharge Disclosure
1 $ Wiser's Personal Financial Management course, (aka Debtor Education), meets the Federal requirement for 2 hours of financial education before debts can be discharged. This course is sometimes referred to as the Pre-Discharge course.
When you register for this course, you will be required to provide a case number which has been assigned by the court when your Petition for Bankruptcy is filed. This case number, (YY-xxxxx), must be entered on your certificate of completion before the certificate can be issued. If you do not have a case number which has been issued by the court AFTER your case has been filed, (i.e. YY-xxxxx), you are taking the wrong course.
The fee for 1 $ Wiser Debtor Education is $39.99/person. Payment may be made by debit card or credit card from this site during registration. The generation of a certificate and the issuance via e-mail is included in these fees. A fee of $3.00 will be charged for certificates of completion sent via U.S. Mail. 
Once the online course has been started, the registration fee is non-refundable.
Due to requirements set by the Department of Justice - Executive Office of the United States Trustee, 1 $ Wiser does allow joint debtors to take Debtor Education together. To ensure we remain in full compliance with the rules under which we must operate, each individual must actively participate in completing the course. Individuals who fail to complete the test in a satisfactory manner or who receive less than a 70 percent score will receive a telephone call or an email from an instructor to discuss each test question that was answered incorrectly and to ensure understanding of the principles being taught. 
Ability to Pay
1 $ Wiser Consumer Education Inc. (1 $ Wiser) will waive the fee in whole or in part for 1 $ Wiser’s Personal Financial Management Instruction (Debtor Education) whenever a debtor demonstrates a lack of ability to pay.  
A debtor presumptively lacks the ability to pay the fee if the debtor's household current income is less than 150% of the poverty guidelines updated periodically in the Federal Register by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under the authority of 42 U.S.C. 9902(2), as adjusted from time to time, for a household or family of the size involved in the fee determination.
The presumption shall be rebutted, and 1 $ Wiser may charge the debtor a reduced fee, if 1 $ Wiser determines, based on income information the debtor submits, that the debtor is able to pay the fee in a reduced amount. Nothing requires 1 $ Wiser to charge a fee to debtors whose household income exceeds 150% of the poverty guidelines or who are able to demonstrate ability to pay based on income information submitted.
If debtor is requesting fee waiver or reduced fees, it must be done in writing before registering for debtor education. 1 $ Wiser collects fees at the time of registration.
The criteria on which 1 $ Wiser relies in determining a debtor's eligibility for fee waiver or reduced fees are based on information submitted by debtors. The minimum information required to apply for fee waiver or fee reduction is:
1. Debtor’s name(s), telephone number, and email address
2. Names, ages, and relationship to debtor of all members of the family or household over the age of 18
3. Names, ages, and relationship to debtor of all members of the household under 18 years old.
4. Last 2 pay stubs for all adults (18+) in the family or household or proof of public assistance
5. Last 2 bank statements for each adult (18+) in the family or household
6. Prior year’s Federal Tax Return if item #4 is not available.
Alternately, if the debtor has received a waiver of court filing fees for in forma pauperis debtors, a copy of the fee waiver from the court may be submitted and will justify pro bono counseling.
Send your written request and ALL supporting documents via E-Mail to or fax to 1-940-687-9077.
All requests will be reviewed within 72 business hours of receipt.
1 $ Wiser may also waive fees based upon other considerations, including, but not limited to:
1. The debtor's net worth;
2. The % of the debtor's income from government assistance programs;
3. Whether the debtor is receiving pro bono legal services in connection with a filed or anticipated bankruptcy case; 
1 $ Wiser does not require a debtor to purchase debtor education in connection with the purchase of any other service offered by 1 $ Wiser.
Bilingual Instruction
1 $ Wiser does not provide bilingual Debtor Education. 1 $ Wiser will make every effort to refer clients requiring bilingual instruction to a Provider on the UST's list of approved providers who provides personal financial management instruction in the language requested by the debtor student. 
The US Trustee's list of approved providers can be found at http://list-approved-providers-personal-financial-management-instructional-courses-debtor-education.
Instructor Qualifications
All 1 $ Wiser instructors have received in-depth training in 1 $ Wiser’s program. They receive continuing education to keep current on changes in consumer financial issues in areas such as healthcare, credit cards, mortgages, etc. They are skilled at helping you understand the materials presented and help you apply the new skills in your life. Each instructor has the heart of a teacher and experience in accounting, financial planning, credit counseling, or personal financial management.
Consideration for Referrals
Neither 1 $ Wiser Consumer Education, Inc. nor any of its employees, agents, or partners, receives fees or other consideration for the referral of an individual to 1 $ Wiser’s Debtor Education. Neither 1 $ Wiser Consumer Education, Inc. nor any of its employees, agents, or partners, pays any fees or other consideration for the referral of an individual to 1 $ Wiser’s Debtor Education.
Certificate of Completion
1 $ Wiser has an obligation to provide a certificate to the debtor promptly upon completion of the debtor education course. 1 $ Wiser Consumer Education, Inc. files Debtor Education Certificates of Completion directly with the courts on behalf of debtor students. 
Disclosure of Client Information
Client information may be disclosed to the United States Trustee in connection with the United States Trustee's oversight of 1 $ Wiser Consumer Education, Inc., during investigation of complaints, during on-site visits, or during quality of service reviews.
Annual Review
The United States Trustee's Office has reviewed only the agency's credit counseling services and its personal financial management instructional course pursuant to 11 U.S.C.111(d). The United States Trustee has neither reviewed nor approved any other services 1 $ Wiser Consumer Education, Inc. provides. 
Course Certificate 
A Certificate of Completion will be issued only to a debtor who completes the Debtor Education instructional course. A Certificate of Completion along with confirmation of certificate e-filing with the court will be sent to the debtor via email. The Certificate of Completion will also be posted to each debtor's account page. 
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